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June 15, 2012

It’s a Beautiful Day for a Field Trip

It is an absolutely beautiful day outside! To celebrate the nice weather, we decided to take an office field trip to some of the sites that our tents were being set up at.

All of them are beautiful locations, with expansive views and breathtaking scenery, but my favorite for the day was definitely the Trapp Family Lodge. They feature one of our tents for the entirety of the wedding season (May through October), and the tent comes with a full floor, a separate and connected tent for your caterer, and a fully covered trail to the bathroom (in case of poor weather, your guests won’t have to step outside at all!). There’s a stage, track lighting so your event can go on through the night, and plenty of room outside the tent for a sunny day surrounded by rolling hills of lush greenery.

Trapp Family Lodge offers such a beautiful and unique setting, that the addition of our gorgeous high peaked tent makes it even better for the perfect event this wedding season.Image

June 13, 2012

Day Dreaming Inspiration Boards

Hi readers! The dreary day is clearing up, and our creative juices are flowing here at Weddings, Tents & Events! We have so many events going on this week and next that we started thinking about some of the Vermont-y wedding themes we will begin seeing.

You all know how much we love Pinterest, not just because it’s a great way to grab new ideas for any event, but also because it’s so easy for brides, grooms, and their planners to draw together inspiration boards. There are so many fabulous ideas out there, and they’re all brought together on one chic website!

To show you, we’re created two boards:

A Lake Champlain Nautical Themed Wedding

A Vermont Woodland Fall Wedding

Check them out for inspiration, or just to day-dream about a future event you want to have!

~ Maddy the Intern

June 8, 2012

Burlington Jazzfest



As some of you may know, Weddings, Tents & Events is the supplier for all the tents for Burlington Jazz Festival, which is curently in full swing! Jenna and Olga, two of the WTE employee’s here went to the opening ceremony last Thursday. Surrounded by fantastic music, wonderful food, and the amazing atmosphere of Halversons they had the best time! Jazzfest runs until Sunday, June 10th, and we hope that all of you check out the festival — I know I will!

— Maddy the Intern