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July 18, 2012

Marry Me, Honey


Good morning readers!

We are getting so inspired by this wedding season that we have been updating the showroom with all of these great new ideas!

This week, we had an amazing new vendor come into our office, Champlain Valley Apiaries. Because this has been suh a fantastically busy wedding season, we’ve been seeing a lot of the traditional Vermont weddings with a fabulous twist, and this fits that trend perfectly! Weddings, Tents & Events was given little samplers of honey that we think would make the perfect favors for any wedding. Cute and useful, these favors will have your guest savoring the flavors with sweet memories of your event.

I could go on and on and tell you all about their business, but there was an article written about them in Business People Vermont which says everything I could and more.

Check them out! You won’t be sorry 🙂

— Maddy the Intern

July 11, 2012

Colors, Colors, and More Colors!

It’s no surprise to us that many brides say that one of the first steps they take in planning the design of their wedding is picking a color palette. Many of the weddings we’ve helped plan have centered around a brides favorite color, a vibrant centerpiece, or the color the foliage will be. Here in the showroom, we’re always playing around with colors on our tables.

When we’re looking for inspiration for showroom colors, we always turn to one of our favorite blogs and websites: The Perfect Palette.

We wanted to share with our readers some of our favorite color combo’s of the season. We’ve seen a lot of these colors come through Weddings, Tents & Events, and we’re so happy to pass on these great ideas to you! If you like the sound of it, we’ve linked the inspiration board to it, so just click and go!

Yellows and Oranges are an instant wedding-brightener. It’s a flash of color that always leaves the bride, groom, and wedding attendants in a good mood. Mixed with a chevron pattern, your wedding will be a trendy hit!

If you’re looking for a more soft and feminine color combo, go with this Aqua and Peach combo feature. Peaches and brighter colors such as blues and turquoises are lovely when matched with glass accents.

And finally, a Blue nautical theme with neutral tones and fabrics to soften the look. Perfect for a wedding by Lake Champlain in the Summertime.

We love colors, and we love seeing how trends are started, carried out, and adjusted according to each individual wedding. It’s always a joy to see how some of our couples are incorporating the latest color trends into their own events.

July 6, 2012

All Souls Interfaith Gathering Is A Hit!



All Souls Interfaith Gathering is probably one of the most beautiful places to have a wedding in Vermont, as we saw this past weekend.

This weekend we provided the dinner tent and other items (photos to come!) for a lovely wedding for Adrienne & Chris. From the gorgeous property and views, amazing food by Bevo, to the impeccable execution by Piper Designs – this wedding was flawless!

We cannot wait for another wedding next weekend!